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Course Removal Submission Guidelines

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Section 1 - Guidelines for Course Removal Submission

Part A - Section A - Introduction

(1) A Course Removal Submission is required when an existing course is to be removed from the offerings of the University. A Head of School, the Vice Chancellor, or Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor may initiate a course removal process.

(2) Decisions to withdraw undergraduate courses should normally be made 12 months ahead of the relevant admission period to facilitate the removal of the course from marketing materials such as the QTAC and UAC Guides, recruitment brochures for domestic and international students and other information provided to current and prospective students and other stakeholders, such as the University Handbook and University websites. Therefore the process should commence well in advance of this date.

(3) There may be a number of different reasons for withdrawing a course. The decision to withdraw a course should be made in the context of the University strategic plan and priorities, School/College operational plans, staffing profile and resourcing, and Academic Plans. The implications of a course removal, including the impact on other courses, transitional arrangements for students, and the redeployment of resources need to be considered.

(4) Courses with no active enrolment for 12 months will be flagged by the University for discontinuation. Some of the reasons for considering discontinuing a course are:

  1. the course has had no active enrolment for 12 months;
  2. the course no longer has a strategic fit with the University's plans;
  3. evidence reveals that a course is not financially viable;
  4. the course has a pattern of low student satisfaction;
  5. the course has a pattern of low applications and low enrolments; and
  6. the course displays poor student performance including characteristics such as high attrition and low GPA.

(5) Where the proposal has come from a Head of School, the School/College Board shall be responsible for recommending the removal of a course. It shall then be forwarded for consideration by Council through the Academic Board.

(6) The Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor must be informed of the proposed removal of the course to ascertain that this action does not adversely affect the strategic directions or current Academic Plan of the University and that it complies with ASCED requirements.

(7) Where the proposal comes from the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor the Submission will go directly to Accreditation Committee for noting and forwarding to Academic Board, for consideration and for recommendation of removal to Council.

(8) A course removal shall not be acted upon until the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor: has confirmed that the removal of the course does not adversely affect the strategic directions of the University; that the removal of the course meets ASCED requirements; and the University Council has approved the Course Removal Submission.

(9) The removal of a course from the offerings of the University is initiated through the Unit and Course Management System (UCMS)