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SCU Policy Library Glossary

The SCU Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines. Unless separately defined or the context of the policy requires otherwise then the following definitions apply to each policy.

 It is expected that the glossary will be built up over time and documents will gradually be converted to incorporate standard definitions as part of the normal review process.

Click on a letter from A to Z below to view Glossary items that begin with the selected letter, or use the scroll bar located on the right hand side of this page to browse the entire list.


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Academic Advisory Committee

Academic Advisory Committees are normally established by Schools. They act as advisory committees for courses, suites of courses, or Schools. Their role is to provide informed advice regarding academic and research matters to the relevant Head of School. Membership normally consists of student, internal and external representation.

Academic Board

The body of that name appointed by the Council of the University.

Academic Board Appeals Committee

The Academic Board Appeals Committee is a Committee of Academic Board and a University body that assists in assuring quality and integrity in academic outcomes for students by considering potential irregularities in academic assessment and progression processes.

Academic Integrity Officer

The nominated member of staff in each School, College or Special Research Centre responsible for receiving ,and where necessary investigating and reporting on, allegations of Academic Misconduct within their School, College or Special Research Centre.

Academic Standards and Quality Committee

The Academic Standards and Quality Committee is the principal advisory committee of the Academic Board on issues of standards and quality associated with teaching and learning at SCU.

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee advises the Academic Board on matters relating to unit and course approvals and course accreditation.

Australian Law

Australian common law, federal laws enacted by the Parliament of Australia, and laws enacted by the Parliaments of the Australian states and territories.  The Southern Cross University Act 1993 has obvious and specific relevance, being ‘An Act to establish the Southern Cross University and to provide for its constitution and functions; and for other purposes.’ The Act specifies that ‘The University is a body corporate under the name of the Southern Cross University’, and that ‘The University consists of (a) a Council, and (b) the professors and full-time members of the academic staff of the University and such other members or classes of members of the staff of the University as the by-laws may prescribe, and (c) the graduates and students of the University. 


Board of Assessors

A sub‐committee of Academic Board which meets to determine grades and ensure quality in assessment processes.

Boards of Assessors

The Boards of Assessors are a sub-committee of School/College Boards which meet to ensure that matters relating to moderation and award of grades are undertaken and thence approve and authorise the release of final grades.


Subsidiary legislation made under the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (the Act) governing specific internal affairs of the University. The University Council is empowered to make By-laws, not inconsistent with the Act, for or with respect to any matter to be prescribed or that is necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to the Act. A By-law has no effect until it is approved by the Governor of NSW.



An approved plan of study with specific award rules leading to an award of the University.


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The formally invigilated examination held at the end of a study period.


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Non-mandatory approaches to the implementation of Rules, Policies or Procedures.  Guidelines provide flexible “good practice” recommendations and advice to assist those responsible for implementing By-Laws, Rules, Policies, or Procedures and may include codes of conduct guiding behaviour. 


Head of School

The person appointed by the Vice Chancellor to manage a School; all references to Head of School should be read additionally as references to Director of College.

Higher Degrees Research Committee (HDRC)

The Higher Degrees Research Committee is a committee of the Academic Board responsible for Higher Degree Research training across the University.


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A mandatory statement of principle guiding the University’s operations and decision making, which has University-wide application, and which has been established by a resolution or other decision of the Council, Vice-Chancellor, Academic Board or another delegated authority.  A schedule or other document appended to a policy forms part of that policy. Adherence to Policy is mandatory.


A mandatory statement of the University’s standard and required practice, authorised by a delegated authority, which prescribes actions to designated persons in order to implement and comply with a By-Law, Rule or Policy and meet its intent. Adherence to Procedure is mandatory.


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Research Committee

The Research Committee of Academic Board is the principal advisory committee of the Academic Board on issues of research across the University.


A formal statement of the conditions which must apply to the conduct of key aspects of the University's operation. A Rule (a) has the same force and effect as a by-law, and (b) may, from time to time, be amended or repealed by the Council (whether or not the Council is empowered to make such a rule), or by the authority or officer of the University for the time being empowered to make such a rule, and (c) takes effect on the day on which it is published or on such later day as may be specified in the rule, and (d) must indicate the authority or officer who made the rule and that it is made under section 30 of the SCU Act 1993.  Rules may include penalties for non-compliance with the governing By-law.  A Schedule or other document appended to a Rule forms part of that Rule.


School Board

A body of that name which is a sub‐committee of Academic Board. All references to a School Board should be read additionally as references to a College Board.


Within postgraduate awards, a specialisation may be indicated. A specialisation:

i. will be comprised of a minimum of four (4) units and normally a maximum of eight (8) units

ii. will build upon core units in the award, i.e. pre-requisites come from within the award

iii. will be built by the School or College to suit the needs of the award of which it is a part

iv. can include units from other Schools or Colleges with consultation

v. will be named and approved by Academic Board

vi. be named on the award’s testamur



The document awarded to a student upon graduation which includes the name of the award and any accredited majors listed.


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