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SCU Policy Library Glossary

The SCU Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines. Unless separately defined or the context of the policy requires otherwise then the following definitions apply to each policy.

 It is expected that the glossary will be built up over time and documents will gradually be converted to incorporate standard definitions as part of the normal review process.

Click on a letter from A to Z below to view Glossary items that begin with the selected letter, or use the scroll bar located on the right hand side of this page to browse the entire list.



A person admitted to the University as a student and proceeding towards an accredited award of the University.

Census Date

The date prescribed in the Higher Education Support Act 2003 as the day upon which enrolment for a study period becomes fixed. Generally, a student cannot enrol or withdraw from units after census dates without financial penalties. Census dates are set for each unit of study that the University proposes to offer each year.

Co-requisite Unit

A Unit which a candidate is normally required to enrol in concurrently with another specified Unit.

Committee of Examiners

A sub-committee of Academic Board which meets to determine grades and ensure quality in assessment processes.

Commonwealth Supported Place

A place for which the Commonwealth makes a contribution towards the cost of that place.

Commonwealth Supported Student

 A student who is generally required to contribute to the cost of their education through a student contribution, while the Commonwealth Government also funds part of the costs involved.

Community Engaged Learning (CEL)

Contextualised experiential learning for students across a range of communities. The activity is structured, intentional and recognised by the University in order to secure directed learning outcomes for the community and the student that are both transferable and relevant. It is underpinned by the principle of experiential learning.


Successfully passing all required components of a qualification.

Consecutive Study Periods

The successive study periods that a student is enrolled with the University For example, where a student is enrolled in first session and third session only, these sessions are considered to be consecutive study periods. Where a student is only enrolled in Session 2 in one year and Session 2 in the following year, these sessions are considered to be consecutive study periods.


An approved plan of study with specific award rules leading to an award of the University.

Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

A national instrument for gauging graduate satisfaction with their university experience.


A non-research based course of study.