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SCU Policy Library Glossary

The SCU Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines. Unless separately defined or the context of the policy requires otherwise then the following definitions apply to each policy.

 It is expected that the glossary will be built up over time and documents will gradually be converted to incorporate standard definitions as part of the normal review process.

Click on a letter from A to Z below to view Glossary items that begin with the selected letter, or use the scroll bar located on the right hand side of this page to browse the entire list.


Peer Review

A systematic process whereby academics review and improve teaching, curriculum and assessment practices. It is an iterative collegial process that aims to increase visibility and accountability in decision-making about teaching and student learning.


A type of Community Engaged Learning that requires the student to be situated in a community setting outside of the University. This may be termed Work Integrated Learning and can take the form of internship, practicum, industry placement or fieldwork.


A mandatory statement of principle guiding the University’s operations and decision making, which has University-wide application, and which has been established by a resolution or other decision of the Council, Vice-Chancellor, Academic Board or another delegated authority.  A schedule or other document appended to a policy forms part of that policy. Adherence to Policy is mandatory.


A course of study that leads to one or more of the following higher education awards: graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters degree, doctoral degree.

Pre-requisite Unit

A Unit which a candidate must have successfully completed before enrolling in another specified unit.

Primary Specialisation

Within postgraduate and undergraduate education awards, a primary specialisation may be indicated. A Primary Specialisation:

a. will be in a curriculum area;
b. will be built by the School of Education to suit the needs of the award of which it is a part, in line with requirements from external accreditation bodies; and
c. will be named on the award's testamur.


 A reward provided to a student in recognition of the completion of a distinguished piece of work.


A mandatory statement of the University’s standard and required practice, authorised by a delegated authority, which prescribes actions to designated persons in order to implement and comply with a By-Law, Rule or Policy and meet its intent. Adherence to Procedure is mandatory.