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SCU Policy Library Glossary

The SCU Policy Library Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions for policies, procedures and guidelines. Unless separately defined or the context of the policy requires otherwise then the following definitions apply to each policy.

 It is expected that the glossary will be built up over time and documents will gradually be converted to incorporate standard definitions as part of the normal review process.

Click on a letter from A to Z below to view Glossary items that begin with the selected letter, or use the scroll bar located on the right hand side of this page to browse the entire list.


Schedule of Units

The table of units annexed to and forming part of Specific Award Rules.

School Board

A body of that name which is a sub‐committee of Academic Board. All references to a School Board should be read additionally as references to a College Board.

Special Consideration

Consideration for extension or variation of deadlines for assessment tasks, for a special Examination, or for consideration related to a completed assessment task.

Special Examination

An Examination offered in lieu of the normal Examination.


Within postgraduate awards, means a specialisation may be indicated. A specialisation:

a. will be comprised of a minimum of four (4) units and normally a maximum of eight (8) units;
b. will build upon core units in the award, i.e. pre-requisites come from within the award;
c. will be built by the School or College to suit the needs of the award of which it is a part;
d. can include units from other Schools or Colleges with consultation;
e. will be named and approved by Academic Board; and
f. will be named on the award's testamur.



An approved combination of units in a defined discipline area that describes a path to further study and which is not considered a core, major or minor. A stream:

a. will generally only be used in AQF 5 or AQF 6 awards;
b. may include the award's core units and a combination of elective units;
c. can include units from other Schools or Colleges;
d. will be named and approved by Academic Board.


A person enrolled as a candidate in a course leading to an accredited award of the University, or in units which do not lead to an accredited award of the University.

Student History

The internal record of grades and advanced standing awarded to a specific student by the University.

Study Period

 A session in the three session academic calendar, or a study period in the six study period academic calendar, or any other period as designated by the Academic Board.

Study Plan

An approved program of study leading to the completion of an award course.