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Study Time for Professional Employees Procedures

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These procedures are intended to give effect to the uniform implementation of the Study Time for Professional Employees Policy.

Section 2 - Procedures

(2) Eligible employees should discuss their study plans with their supervisor prior to submitting an 'Application for Study Assistance' to the Head of Work Unit for their recommendation.

(3) The completed application must be accompanied by documentation, which verifies the employee's enrolment in a formal study program and provides details of the units of study for the semester/trimester. Employees enrolling in a subsequent semester/trimester must also provide evidence of their previous semester/trimesters results.

(4) After the Head of Work Unit's recommendation has been provided, the application and supporting documentation are forwarded to HR Services for approval. HR Services will notify both the employee and their supervisor of the maximum hours of study time that have been approved for the semester/trimester. Any time required beyond these limits is to be subject to approved leave (ie annual leave, flexi-leave, time-in-lieu etc.).

(5) Periods of study time taken during the semester/trimester must be negotiated between the employee and their supervisor and are always subject to the convenience of the work unit.

(6) A leave application is to be completed in MyHR for each period of study time taken.