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Terms of Reference - Honorary Awards Committee Rule

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Section 1 - Authorisation

(1) The Council of Southern Cross University, as the Governing authority of Southern Cross University, by resolution makes the following Rule under section 30(1) of the Southern Cross University Act 1993, pursuant to section 52 of the Southern Cross University By-Law 2005.

(2) Dated: 31 March 2016

(3) Authorised: Council

Section 2 - Purpose and Scope


(4) The purpose of this Rule is to define terms of reference for Honorary Awards Committee.


(5) This rule applies to the members and operation of Honorary Awards Committee.

Section 3 - Terms of Reference


(6) To advise Council on the criteria and procedures for awarding honorary degrees and honorary titles;

(7) On behalf of Council to receive nominations for consideration for the conferring of an honorary award or honorary title and the conferring of Emeritus Professorships;

(8) To make recommendations to Council concerning the conferring of honorary awards, honorary titles and Emeritus Professorships, their number, frequency, and the individuals to be honoured;

(9) Consider as appropriate nominating person to the Order of Australia.


(10) The membership of the Committee consists of:

  1. Chancellor (Chair)
  2. Deputy Chancellor
  3. Vice Chancellor
  4. Deputy Vice Chancellor
  5. Chair of Academic Board (alternate: Deputy Chair of Academic Board)
  6. Two Council Members

(11) The Chancellor invites members to the Committee and all appointments are endorsed by Council.

(12) As far as practicable, Members should be appointed based on relevant background, expertise and qualifications.


(13) A quorum shall consist of not less than half of the Committee members.


(14) The Committee shall meet as required.

Current Membership

(15) Mr Nick Burton Taylor AM, Chancellor (Chair)

(16) Mr Murray d'Almeida, Deputy Chancellor

(17) Prof Adam Shoemaker, Vice Chancellor

(18) Vacant, Deputy Vice Chancellor

(19) Prof Mark Hughes, Chair of Academic Board

(20) Prof Bill Boyd

(21) Ms Toni Ledgerwood