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Summary Descriptions A - Z

You have asked the SCU Policy Library to provide you with access to the summary descriptions for the documents grouped under your letter of choice.  You can view the descriptions of other documents by clicking on the fast find letters provided at the top of the page, or go back to the general master list by clicking the link located at the end of the alphabet.

G (View Policies A - Z)

  • Gift Acceptance Policy

    This Policy outlines the principles for accepting gifts at Southern Cross University.

  • Governance Documents Procedure

    This Procedure gives effect to the Governance Documents Rule, and describes the process of how to make, amend, rescind or review University-wide Rules, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

  • Governance Documents Rule

    The University requires its operations are conducted and its affairs managed in accordance with the University's applicable Governance Documents as prescribed in this document.

  • Grade Description Guidelines

    This Guideline specifies the grading categories at SCU.

  • Graduate Attributes Policy

    This Policy establishes the graduate attributes of the University.

  • Graduation - Double Degree Policy

    This Policy establishes the principles and processes for the award of a double degree.