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Attendance Record Procedures

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Preamble

(1) These procedures apply where employment is governed by the University's current Enterprise Agreement. The provisions under other industrial instruments may differ.

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Section 2 - Approval Authority

(2) The Head of Work Unit has the authority to approve attendance records for professional employees and casual pay claims for both academic and professional employees within the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement or appropriate industrial instrument, University Policies and Procedures:

(3) The Head of Work Unit may transfer authority to approve to a manager/supervisor (at HEW5 level and above) within their work unit. The transfer will enable the manager/supervisor to approve:

  1. attendance records within MyHR for employees reporting to them; and
  2. casual pay claims for all casual employees within the work unit.
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Section 3 - Application and Approval Process

Continuing and fixed-term employees

Academic employees

(4) Academic employees are not required to complete attendance records. Their hours of attendance are negotiated with their supervisor and Head of Work Unit as part of their academic workload allocation.

Professional employees

(5) Continuing and fixed-term professional employees complete attendance records in MyHR.

(6) Attendance records should be completed daily. Employees may submit their attendance records for approval fortnightly or at the end of each four week cycle.

(7) The Head of Work Unit or their nominated manager/supervisor (where approval authority has been transferred to a manager/supervisor) should review the attendance record, ensuring the record is accurate prior to approval. If overtime, shift penalties or payment for additional hours is claimed, the attendance record must be forwarded to the Head of the Work Unit for approval.

(8) Employees are required to record details of leave taken on their attendance records and these details are reconciled against leave records within MyHR.

Casual employees

(9) Casual employees record the actual hours they have worked on a fortnightly pay claim. This forms the basis of the employee's wage payments and must be certified correct by the delegated officer before payment.

(10) Casual pay claims must be approved no later than 5.00 pm on the Friday prior to the payday. This deadline may vary when public holidays limit the time available for the preparation of the payroll. Payment will be made in accordance with the hours and rates of pay approved in the pay claim.

(11) Questions concerning hours of payment should be directed to the delegated officer within the work unit.

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