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Council - Composition of Council Membership Rule

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Section 1 - Authorisation

(1) The Council of Southern Cross University, as the Governing authority of Southern Cross University, by resolution makes the following Rule under section 30 (1) of the Southern Cross University Act 1993 ('the Act'), section 9(B)(4) of the Act (which refers to this rule as the constitution rules)  and section 52 of the Southern Cross University By-Law 2005 (as amended) ('the By-Law').

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Section 2 - Preliminary


(2) The purpose of this Rule is to establish the composition of Council membership.


(3) This Rule applies to the Council.

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Section 3 - Council Composition

(4) Pursuant to section 9(B)(4) of the Act, the University Council will consist of a total of 15 members, divided into the following categories:

  1. three (3) Official members;
  2. four (4) Elected members consisting of;
    1. two (2) Elected (academic staff) members;
    2. one (1) Elected (non-academic staff) member;
    3. one (1) Elected (student) member.
  3. six (6) Council appointed members;
  4. two (2) Ministerially appointed members.

(5) Two of the six 'Council appointed members' will be External persons who are graduates of the University.

(6) Pursuant to section 9B(5) of the Act, this Rule may only be amended by resolution passed by at least two thirds of the members of Council.

(7) Pursuant to section 9E(2)(b) of the Act, this Rule provides that a Graduate member is to become a member of Council by appointment by Council under section 9F of the Act.

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Section 4 - Interpretation

(8) Terms and phrases used in this Rule have the same meaning as they do in the Act and the By-law.