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Council - Composition of Council Membership Rule

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Section 1 - Preliminary


(1) The purpose of this Rule is to establish the composition of the Council of Southern Cross University in accordance with Part 3, Division 1 of the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW) ('the Act') and Part 2 of the Southern Cross University By-law 2005 (NSW) ('the By-law').


(2) Unless otherwise stated, the definitions set out in section 9 of the Act apply to this Rule.

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Section 2 - Council Composition

(3) The Council will consist of a total of thirteen members, divided into the following categories:

  1. three official members:
    1. the Chancellor;
    2. the Vice-Chancellor; and
    3. the Chair, Academic Board;
  2. four elected members:
    1. two elected (academic staff) members;
    2. one elected (non-academic staff) member; and
    3. one elected (student) member,
  3. four Council appointed members; and
  4. two Ministerially appointed members.

(4) In accordance with section 9E of the Act, one of the four Council appointed members will be an external person who is a graduate of the University.

(5) Council must include:

  1. members with strong expertise in and knowledge of higher education or other education sectors;
  2. at least two members with financial expertise (as demonstrated by relevant qualifications and by experience in financial management at a senior level in the public or private sector); and
  3. at least one member with commercial expertise (as demonstrated by relevant experience at a senior level in the public or private sector).

(6) Council must have a majority of external independent members who are neither enrolled as a student nor employed by the University.

(7) A Council member must not be a current member of any State or Commonwealth parliament or legislative assembly other than where specifically selected by Council.

(8) This Rule may only be amended by resolution passed by at least two thirds of the members of Council.