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ADF Reserves Leave Procedure

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Preamble

(1) These procedures apply where employment is governed by the University's current Enterprise Agreement. The provisions under other industrial instruments may differ.

(2) Casual employees are not eligible for military leave.

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Section 2 - Approval Authority

(3) The Head of Work Unit has the authority to approve military leave, within the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement or appropriate industrial instrument, University Policies and Procedures.

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Section 3 - Eligibility and Conditions


(4) An employee who serves on a part-time basis in the Australian Defence Forces Reserves will be granted leave for obligatory training.

(5) Applications for military leave must be accompanied by evidence of the purpose and necessity for the leave. A certificate of attendance at the training camp or school must be provided to HR Services on return to normal duties.


Payment of allowances during periods of military leave

(6) Relieving allowance and additional responsibilities allowance will continue to be paid during periods of military leave if the employee is in the higher position for a total continuous period of six months or more. Relieving allowance will not be paid when the total continuous period in the higher position is less than six months. In such cases, should the period in the higher position subsequently be extended beyond six months, the allowance will only be paid during periods of military leave taken after an extension beyond six months has been approved and six months in the higher position has been served.

(7) First aid allowance will continue to be paid during periods of paid military leave.

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Section 4 - Application and Approval Process

(8) When an employee becomes aware of the need to take military leave, they should advise their supervisor and provide documentation from the appropriate military service that specifies the period of leave required and the purpose of the leave.

(9) When they return to work, the employee is required to provide their supervisor with a completed leave application and a certificate of attendance [MyHR cannot be used to apply for military leave].

(10) After approval, the application and all supporting documentation is forwarded to HR Services for recording in Aurion (the University's Human Resource Information System).

(11) Professional employees are required to reflect the period of their leave on their attendance record. MyHR timesheet will not accept this record until HR Services have recorded the actual leave in Aurion.

(12) Where applicable, payment of allowances will cease during the period of leave.

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Section 5 - Links and Forms