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Study Assistance Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This policy sets out the University's support for eligible employees who engage in approved formal study.

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Section 2 - Policy Statement

(2) Southern Cross University is committed to supporting employees who engage in approved formal study programs which:

a. are relevant to the employee's current or planned work responsibilities at SCU;

b. improve the employee's capacity to contribute to the work of the University;

c. develop the skills and knowledge base of the University's workforce; and

d. increase opportunities for employees to develop their careers and contribute to job satisfaction.

(3) Study assistance approved under this policy is designed to benefit both the University and individual employees and is based on the principles of reciprocity and shared commitment. Managers are not permitted to approve and/or pay directly for any formal study or course by an employee that would otherwise be covered by this policy, without prior discussion with HR Services.

(4) Approval for assistance is based on balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the University. The University will consider applications for assistance on a case by case basis as outlined in the Study Assistance Procedures.

(5) This policy supports study primarily at SCU. Where SCU does not offer a particular course, consideration will be given to support study at another institution. Only in exceptional circumstances will assistance be considered for courses undertaken at other institutions when a course is offered by SCU.

(6) Assistance may be provided in the form of financial assistance (an allowance paid through payroll) and paid time off to attend classes, undertake online or block release study and attend examinations.

(7) Study assistance is not available for repeat units and will cease if employment with the University ceases.