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Course Review Procedures

This document is not in force yet. It will take effect from 01/11/2020.

Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These Procedures set out how Course Reviews are conducted.


(2) These Procedures apply to all coursework courses.

Course Review Process

Instigation of Review

(3) The Academic Quality, Standards and Integrity Policy describes how scheduled and ad hoc Course Reviews are instigated.

Terms of Reference

(4) The terms of reference and time for completion for the Course Review will be determined by the Chair, Academic Board in consultation with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and relevant Head of School/College.

Determining who will conduct the review

(5) A Course Review will be conducted by a Review Panel consisting of one or more experts as specified in clause (16) of the Academic Quality, Standards and Integrity Policy.

(6) The relevant Head of School/College will propose the names of three external experts to the Chair, Academic Board, together with brief CVs or relevant website links.

(7) After consultation with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), the Chair, Academic Board may select reviewers from the list of proposed external experts or reject all names and ask the relevant Head of School/College to provide a further list, and advise the next meeting of Academic Board of the decision.

(8) In most cases, only one external expert will be selected, however, multiple external experts may be selected by the Chair, Academic Board where the suite of courses under review is complex or spans multiple discipline areas. In such cases, the relevant Head of School/College may be required to nominate more than three external experts under clause (6).

(9) When the panel consists of more than one expert, the Chair, Academic Board, in consultation with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), will nominate one of the external appointees as Chair of the Review Panel.

Course Review Submission

(10) Upon instigation of either a scheduled or ad hoc Course Review:

  1. the Course Coordinator will develop a Course Summary Report detailing the findings of the previous annual Course Reports for inclusion in the Course Review Submission; and
  2. the relevant Head of School/College, in consultation with School/College Board, will produce a Course Review Submission in accordance with the Course Review Submission Guidelines.

(11) The Head of School/College must consult with other relevant Schools/Colleges when compiling the Course Review Submission to ensure that all the issues relevant to double degrees and combined degrees are appropriately considered.

Provision of the Course Review Submission

(12) At least four weeks prior to the commencement of the review, the relevant Chair of School/College Board will provide the Secretary of the Course Review with the Course Review Submission.

(13) The Secretary will provide the Course Review Submission and all other relevant materials to the Chair of the Review Panel and the Office of Planning, Quality and Review as soon as practicable after receipt of the Course Review Submission.

(14) The Chair of the Review Panel will discuss with the Secretary any interviews and additional material required.

(15) The Head of School/College, through the Secretary, will ensure all reasonable requests for information made by the Review Panel are met and organised in advance of the review.

(16) The Review Panel will:

  1. consider the Course Review Submission, additional reference material and submissions received;
  2. meet with or interview relevant people (normally including the Head of School/College and Chair of School Board); and
  3. explore any other matters of interest within the terms of reference for the review.

(17) The Review Panel will normally undertake the review over a two-day period.

Report of the Review: Timing and Dissemination

(18) The Review Panel will produce a Course Review Report which:

  1. addresses the terms of reference for the review;
  2. provides commendations, affirmations and recommendations for change; and
  3. provides a justified recommendation regarding accreditation and the period of accreditation up to a maximum of seven years.

(19) The Course Review Report will be provided to the Secretary within four weeks of the review.

(20) Upon receipt, the Secretary will distribute the Course Review Report to the:

  1. Chair, Academic Board;
  2. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic); and
  3. Vice Chancellor.

Implementing the Review Outcomes

(21) The Chair, Academic Board will consult with the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and provide a response to the recommendations of the Course Review Report to the:

  1. Head of the relevant School/College;
  2. Academic Board for action under clause (19) of the Academic Standards, Quality and Integrity Policy;
  3. Vice Chancellor; and
  4. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

(22) Within 12 weeks of receiving the response of the Academic Board, the Head of School/College in consultation with the School Board and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) will develop a five year implementation plan to address the recommendations of the Report and the responses of the Chair, Academic Board and Academic Board.

(23) One year after receipt of the Course Review Report, the Head of School/College will provide an update on the course delivery (or removal) and curriculum aspects of the Implementation Plan to the School/College Board, which will then forward to Academic Board with any additional commentary.