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Terms of Reference - Research Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Research Committee is a subcommittee of Academic Board.  It is the principal advisory committee of the Academic Board on issues of research across the University. On behalf of the Academic Board, the Research Committee will:

  1. advise the Academic Board on research, research training, research ethics, research performance and research policy;
  2. assist with the formulation and review of strategic research plans and monitor performance against the research objectives and goals of the University's Strategic Plan;
  3. promote research integrity, including advising on policies and training issues related to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (or any subsequent Code) and the University’s supporting governance instruments, and compliance with the Code;
  4. evaluate, monitor and report to the Academic Board on national and international trends in research and research funding and in performance assessment;
  5. advise the Academic Board of the impact of research policies, strategies and actions on the quality and integrity  of research at the University, and on the University’s research performance; and review and provide advice on proposals for changes in research policy;
  6. monitor policies and reports related to the animal and human ethics, and biosafety to ensure compliance with internal and external requirements;
  7. assess, monitor and provide advice on research risk management processes;
  8. approve guidelines and selection criteria for seek funding and scholarship allocations;
  9. oversight of the establishment and disestablishment of University research impact clusters, and provide advice regarding key performance indicators for research impact clusters;
  10. provide leadership and strategic advice on mechanisms to improve the University’s research performance;
  11. provide leadership and strategic advice on research data management;
  12. advise the Academic Board on any other research matters as requested by the Vice-Chancellor, the Chair, Academic Board or the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor.
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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The membership of Research Committee is:

(3) Ex-officio 

  1. Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor: Chair
  2. Pro Vice Chancellor (Research Infrastructure): Deputy Chair
  3. Deputy Chair (Research), Academic Board 
  4. Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Education Impact)
  5. Chair, Human Research Ethics Committee
  6. Chair, Animal Ethics Committee 
  7. Associate Dean (Research) from each Faculty and College
  8. Dean, Graduate Studies
  9. Director, Library Services 
  10. Chief Information Officer

(4) Appointed

  1. one Senior Indigenous Researcher
  2. one representative from each Research Impact Cluster leadership
  3. one Early-Career Researcher
  4. one Mid-Career Researcher
  5. one Higher Degree Research student.

(5) The Chair may co-opt other members as required for a specified term.

(6) Appointed members will be appointed by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor.

(7) Appointed members will normally serve for a period of two years, and for no more than two consecutive terms.