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Terms of Reference - Academic Board Appeals Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Academic Board Appeals Committee is a committee of Academic Board that assists in assuring quality and integrity in academic outcomes for students by considering potential irregularities in academic assessment and progression processes.

(2) The Academic Board Appeals Committee will:

  1. develop procedures, approved by the Academic Board, to be followed for appeals and for the hearing of appeals by the Committee;
  2. hear, examine and determine student appeals in relation to:
    1. student assessment;
    2. research higher degree progression; and
    3. exclusion on academic grounds;
  3. hear, examine and determine an appeal on any other relevant matter referred to it by the Chair, Academic Board;
  4. act as the final University decision-making body with regard to appeals under the University's Rules Relating to Awards; and
  5. ensure that students are advised that if internal processes fail to resolve a grievance there are provisions for review by an independent third party.
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Section 2 - Composition

(3) The membership of Academic Board Appeals Committee is:

  1. Chair, Academic Board or their nominee (Chair);
  2. three academic staff members selected by the Chair of the Committee, none of whom shall be from the Faculty or College relevant to the appeal;
  3. one student from the student membership of the Academic Board or its Committees selected by the Chair of the Committee; and
  4. Vice President (Students) and Registrar (or nominee).

(4) The Chair of the Committee may co-opt members as necessary who will be full members for the duration of a designated hearing or hearings.

(5) In accordance with rules of procedural fairness, persons who have participated in the prior assessment of an appellant's case are not permitted to be members of the relevant Appeals Committee.

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Section 3 - Quorum

(6) The quorum for meetings of the Academic Board Appeals Committee will be the Chair plus three other members.