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Volunteer Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Policy provides the framework through which volunteers engage with the activities of the University in ways that do not form part of the work undertaken by the University's paid workforce.


(2) This Policy applies to individuals who volunteer their services to the University and the employees responsible for their engagement and supervision.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. 'University' includes:
    1. Southern Cross University, its Council and employees; and
    2. Any subsidiaries or other forms of operating Units, Divisions or Joint Ventures of the University (whether wholly or partly owned by the University); and
  2. 'Volunteer' refers to a member of the public who has University approval to provide services to the University and do not receive remuneration, financial or other compensation for their services.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) Selection of volunteers is made in accordance with the University's commitment to equal opportunity and relevant legislation.

Volunteer Responsibilities

(5) Volunteers:

  1. are subject to the legislative and statutory obligations of the University and the provisions of University policies and procedures;
  2. must not disclose, disseminate or make use of confidential information they have access to while volunteering at the University;
  3. are required to comply with the University's Code of Conduct in all their University dealings; and
  4. complete a record of attendance on each volunteering occasion.

(6) Failure to comply with the above responsibilities may result in the University terminating the volunteer's engagement.

Supervisor Responsibilities

(7) Supervisors are required to:

  1. directly supervise and provide suitable information, training and resources for volunteers, including providing them with a copy of the Code of Conduct; and
  2. ensure they complete the introductory Work Health and Safety (WHS) training and any necessary workplace specific WHS training required.

(8) Volunteers must not be instructed to provide services normally undertaken by University employees.


(9) Volunteers are:

  1. covered under the University's public liability in respect of accidental damage they may cause to other people or property in the course of providing their services to the University as a volunteer;
  2. personally liable for any wilful or unlawful acts causing damage to any person or property while volunteering at the University; and
  3. not covered by the University's workers compensation insurance nor does the University provide personal accident insurance for them.


The University is required to comply with relevant state and federal privacy legislation. The privacy principles of the University's Privacy Management Plan apply to personal information the University obtains about a volunteer.