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Smoke-Free Campuses Policy

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Section 1 - Definitions

(1) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. 'smoke' includes:
    1. all types of lit tobacco, which emit smoke containing carcinogens and other toxic substances; and
    2. electronic cigarettes or other devices where there is a hand to mouth action that results in the expulsion of a vapour, including but not limited to e-cigarettes, e-cigars, vapour pens and personal vaporiser.
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Section 2 - Policy Statement

Part A - Policy Declaration

(2) This policy sets out the University's commitment to providing smoke-free campuses.

Part B - Policy Description


(3) The aim of this policy is to provide a safe workplace and to protect the University community from the serious health risks associated with exposure to smoke.


(4) This policy applies to all staff, students, contractors and visitors to the University.

(5) This policy should be read in conjunction with the Smoke-Free Campuses Procedures.

Part C - Content and Implementation

(6) All employees and students are entitled to smoke-free campuses. Smokers are not permitted to smoke on campus.

(7) Smoking is prohibited on all University campuses.

(8) Smoking is prohibited in all University vehicles, trailers and boats.

(9) Tobacco products are not allowed to be displayed or advertised in any campus shop.

(10) It is the responsibility of Heads of Work Units to ensure that this policy is enforced.