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Contractor Safety Induction Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) This Policy supports maintaining a secure campus environment by complying with the requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 for the protection of persons and the workplace. It defines the requirements and procedures under which contractors entering campus must undergo safety induction and registration of their presence on campus.


(2) This Policy applies to all staff, tenants and others requiring contractors to enter a campus.

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Section 2 - Definition

(3) For the purposes of this Policy:

  1. Contractor
    1. A person or firm that contracts to supply materials, services or labour;
    2. A person or firm which provides professional or expert advice in a particular field (for example, consultancy services);
    3. A person (except an employee) engaged at a University Campus location to do any work for gain or reward.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4)  Individuals engaging a Contractor must ensure the Contractor Safety Procedure requirements are communicated, understood, and completed prior to the Contractor receiving approval to attend Campus

(5) Contractors must sign in upon arrival at either the Property Services or Security offices; where confirmation of Induction Completion will occur as well as obtaining the relevant identification and access requirements.

(6) In addition to these requirements, the Contractor must ensure the necessary Risk Assessment and Safe Work Method statements have been addressed and any Permits to Work have been completed before commencement.

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Section 4 -  Procedures 

(7) Upon engaging a contractor(s), individuals must ensure that the contractor is advised of the following:

  1. all contractors, on entering a campus, must sign in and out of one of the following locations:
    1. Lismore - W Block, Property Services Office or the Military Road Gatehouse via online sign-in form;
    2. Gold Coast Campus – A Block, Property Services Office or Security Office; 
    3. National Marine Science Centre via online sign-in form or QR Code.
  2. before commencing work, all contractors must:
    1. complete the online Contractor Induction or appropriate alternative as approved by Property Services;
    2. present to Property Services or Security to confirm identity and obtain a swipe access card;
    3. obtain a contractor key set from the designated campus KeyWatcher cabinet;
    4. Provide Safe Work Method Statements, Safe Work Procedures and site specific risk assessment to the appropriate facilities supervisor for review;
    5. provide any Permits to Work to the appropriate facilities supervisor for review and approval;
    6. obtain identification and access keys or cards from the relevant location at clause 7(a); and 
  3. prior to leaving campus, contractors mus return Keywatcher Key Sets and sign-out at the relevant location.