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Text Matching Software Higher Degrees by Research Procedures

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These Procedures set out how  Text Matching Software Policy is implemented in the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) and Professional Doctorate context.


(2) This Policy applies to: 

  1. all HDR students (PhD, Masters by Thesis  and Professional Doctorate; and
  2. all HDR students(PhD, Masters by Thesis and Professional Doctorate) supervisory staff.
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Section 2 - Procedures

Voluntary Thesis Checking

(3) HDR students may submit their draft thesis to Turnitin via the Higher Degree by Research (Graduate School) Blackboard site for checking at any time.

Mandatory Confirmation of Candidature Checking

(4) As part of their confirmation of candidature, HDR students must submit their confirmation of candidature proposals to Turnitin (text matching software) via the Higher Degree by Research (Graduate School) Blackboard site. The Turnitin originality report will then proceed to the Principal/Coordinating/Primary Academic Supervisor and  Director,  Higher Degree Research for review.

Mandatory Thesis Checking

(5) HDR and Professional Doctorate students must submit the final draft of their thesis to Turnitin via the Higher Degree Research (Graduate School) Blackboard site and obtain an Originality Report from Turnitin prior to submitting the thesis for examination.

(6) HDR and Professional Doctorate students must email advice to their Principal/Coordinating/Primary Academic Supervisor and Director, Higher Degree Research, that the final draft has been submitted to Turnitin.

(7) The Principal/Coordinating/Primary Academic Supervisor will download the Originality Report from the Blackboard site, or view the attached Originality Report, and review it for academic misconduct in accordance with the University's Academic Integrity Guidelines.

(8) If no academic misconduct is found or suspected, the student and Supervisor will sign the Statement by Principal Supervisor/Candidate Form to indicate "I have received and reviewed the Candidate's Turnitin Originality Report and am satisfied the work contained within the thesis meets the University's Academic Integrity standards".

(9) If academic misconduct is found or suspected, the Supervisor will apply the Academic Integrity Guidelines or the Student Academic and Non-Acadmic Misconduct Rules, as relevant.