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Volunteer Procedures

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These procedures give effect to the uniform implementation of the Volunteer Policy.

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Section 2 - Approval Authority

(2) The Head of Work Unit has the authority to approve the appointment of a volunteer in accordance with University Policies and Procedures.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(3) When determining the role of a volunteer, an assessment of the degree of trust required and the risk to the University must be undertaken and considered before a volunteer opportunity is offered.

(4) Appropriate reference checks are to be completed before engaging a volunteer.

(5) The risk assessment and a Volunteer Registration Form (completed and signed by both the volunteer and supervisor) are referred to the Head of Work Unit. The arrangement must have the Head of Work Unit approval before the volunteer commences.

(6) If the volunteer will be involved in activities that involve children, child protection checks must be completed before they commence.

(7) As part of their supervision and training, the volunteer is:

  1. Required to complete introductory WHS training; and
  2. Provided with a copy of the Volunteer Policy, the Code of Conduct and other relevant University policies and procedures, particularly those relating to Workplace Health and Safety, Privacy and Anti-Discrimination.

(8) On each volunteering occasion, volunteers are required to record their attendance details on a Volunteer Attendance Record.

(9) Completed risk assessments, registration forms and attendance records are to be retained by the work unit.