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Guidelines for Order of Australia Nominations

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Section 1 - Purpose and Scope

(1) These Guidelines set out the process by which the Honorary Awards Committee will undertake its responsibility to consider candidates for nomination by the University for the Order of Australia.

(2) The process has been endorsed by the Honorary Awards Committee.

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Section 2 - Guidelines

(3) The Committee will meet once a year to consider whether to nominate a person to the Order of Australia.

(4) Any member of the Committee can propose a candidate for nomination to the Order of Australia.  This can be done: 

  1. before a meeting of the Committee, by providing the relevant details to the Council Secretary; or  
  2. during a meeting of the Committee.   

(5) When proposing a candidate for nomination, the Committee member is responsible for providing the information required to complete the Order of Australia Nomination Form.  

(6) Where the Committee considers it appropriate, it will make a recommendation to Council that a person be nominated for the Order of Australia.   

(7) With Council's endorsement, the Council Secretary will submit the Order of Australia Nomination to the Governor-General on behalf of the University.