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Terms of Reference - Accreditation Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Accreditation Committee is a subcommittee of Academic Board.  It advises the Academic Board on matters relating to unit and course approvals and course accreditation. The Committee will:

  1. advise Academic Board on the accreditation, reaccreditation or removal of University coursework programs, in line with University policy and national qualification standards;
  2. advise Academic Board on award rules and admission standards in accordance with University policy;
  3. advise Academic Board on unit and course changes, advanced standing and articulation matters in accordance with University policy;
  4. on behalf of the Academic Board, variously approve matters as authorised by the Course and Unit Approval Authorities
  5. act as a source of advice and reference to Faculties and Colleges on course development;
  6. identify and make recommendations to Academic Board on current or emerging issues pertaining to courses and qualification standards; and
  7. consider and report to Academic Board on any matters referred to it by the Vice Chancellor, the Academic Board or by the Chair, Academic Board.
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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The membership of Accreditation Committee is:

  1. Chair: Deputy Chair (Teaching and Learning), Academic Board;
  2. Faculty Board Chairs;
  3. Director, Teaching and Learning;
  4. Chair, Academic Board;
  5. Director, Business Intelligence and Quality;
  6. Director, Student Administration Services or nominee; and
  7. Director, Library Services.

(3) The Committee may co-opt such other persons to its membership as it determines from time to time.

(4) Upon request Faculties and Colleges will provide the Council Secretary with the name of the Faculty Board Chair and the Deputy Chair of the Faculty Board, who will be the alternate member if the Chair of the Faculty Board is unavailable.