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Terms of Reference - Academic Board Executive Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Academic Board Executive Committee is a subcommittee of Academic Board.  It will:

  1. provide advice and recommendations to the Academic Board on any academic matter requested by the Board;
  2. provide advice and recommendations to the Vice Chancellor or the Chair, Academic Board on any urgent academic matter as requested by the Vice Chancellor or the Chair, Academic Board;
  3. act on behalf of the Academic Board in the event of urgent or exceptional circumstances which require a decision normally in the purview of the Academic Board and which cannot be delayed until the next meeting of the Board;
  4. make decisions on behalf of the Academic Board as delegated by the Board; and
  5. report any decisions and actions to the subsequent meeting of the Academic Board.
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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The membership of Academic Board Executive Committee is:

  1. Chair: Chair, Academic Board;
  2. Vice Chancellor;
  3. Deputy Chair (Teaching and Learning), Academic Board;
  4. Deputy Chair (Research), Academic Board;
  5. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability)
  6. Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation); and
  7. Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Quality).

(3) The Committee may co-opt such other persons to its membership as it determines from time to time.

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Section 3 - Meetings

(4) The Committee will meet at such times when requested to consider matters referred to it by the Vice Chancellor, the Academic Board or by the Chair, Academic Board