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Terms of Reference - Teaching and Assessment Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Teaching and Assessment Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Standards and Quality Committee that provides advice on issues relating to teaching and assessment practices and standards. The Committee will:

  1. develop, monitor, review, and advise the Academic Standards and Quality Committee on, University Rules, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines relating to practices and standards in teaching and assessment;
  2. consider and report on issues related to practices and standards in teaching and assessment, including with respect to curriculum design;
  3. monitor and report on continuous improvement strategies in course and assessment design based on student feedback;
  4. monitor and report on equivalence of assessment practices and standards through moderation and benchmarking;
  5. monitor and report on the suitability of learning resources for students to meet the requirements of their course; and
  6. consider and report on any matters referred to it by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, Academic Board, or Chair, Academic Board.
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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The membership of the Teaching and Assessment Committee is:

  1. Ex officio members
    1. Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation);
    2. Director, Student Support (or nominee)
    3. Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
    4. Director, Library Services
    5. University Academic Directors, Educational Partnerships, or equivalent
    6. Associate Dean (Education) from each Faculty and College
    7. Deputy Chair (Teaching and Learning), Academic Board
  2. Elected members
    1. One coursework student.