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Terms of Reference - Higher Degrees Research Committee

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Higher Degrees Research Committee is a committee of the Academic Board responsible for Higher Degree Research training across the University. On behalf of the Academic Board, the Committee will:

  1. advise the Academic Board and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability) on research higher degree and research training outcomes, standards and quality;
  2. advise the Academic Board and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability) on strategies to support higher degree research and research training;
  3. monitor, review and make recommendations to Academic Board on Policies and Rules related to:
    1. research higher degree awards; and
    2. scholarships;
  4. be responsible for oversight and Academic Board policy pertaining to research higher degree processes, including, but not limited to:
    1. student admission;
    2. awarding of scholarships;
    3. appointment of supervisors;
    4. confirmation of candidature;
    5. monitoring of candidature and progress;
    6. extensions and interruptions to candidature;
    7. appointment of examiners;
    8. overseeing the examination process; and
    9. recommending award of research higher degrees to Academic Board;
  5. monitor research higher degree pathways;
  6. advise the Academic Board on policies and strategies for the support and development of supervisors and supervisory practices;
  7. consult Research Committee on any matters related to the research training/research intersect;
  8. consult Academic Standards and Quality Committee on any matters related to the research training/teaching and learning intersect; and
  9. report to Academic Board on any matter referred to the Committee by the Academic Board, the Chair, Academic Board, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability) or the Vice Chancellor.
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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The membership of Higher Degrees Research Committee is:

  1. Chair: a member of the Professoriate, nominated by the Academic Board after consultation with the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability);
  2. Deputy Chair (Research), Academic Board;
  3. Dean, Graduate Studies; and
  4. Director, Higher Degree Research from each Faculty and College, where applicable.

(3) The Committee may co-opt such other persons to its membership as it determines from time to time.