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Terms of Reference - Educational Partnerships Board

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Educational Partnerships Board is the principal advisory committee of the Academic Board on issues of academic quality assurance, course accreditation, and teaching standards, associated with material third party educational collaborations with whole of institution significance.

(2) The Educational Partnerships Board will:

  1. recommend to Academic Board policies, procedures and strategies to support and enhance the academic quality, performance and integrity of the University’s strategic educational partnerships;
  2. using defined indicators, regularly monitor and report to Academic Board on the partnerships’ alignment with national standards in relation to quality in teaching, learning, and scholarship;
  3. consider and make recommendations to the Accreditation Committee and Academic Board on the accreditation of, amendments to, review of, and discontinuation of Courses which are delivered solely through the University’s educational partners
  4. Monitor the implementation of policies and procedures pertaining to moderation and equivalence in study outcomes at educational partnerships;
  5. consult with other Academic Board committees, management committees, and relevant Faculty Boards on matters relating to educational partnerships; and
  6. consider and report to Academic Board on any other matters referred to it by the Vice Chancellor or Executive, the Academic Board or by the Chair, Academic Board, in relation to the University’s educational partnerships.

(3) For University Courses and Units to be delivered solely by the University’s educational partners, the Educational Partnerships Board is a Faculty Board for the purpose of the Academic Quality Standards and Integrity Policy, the Course and Unit Approval Authorities and all other University Policies and Procedures.

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Section 2 - Composition

(4) The membership of the Educational Partnerships Board is:

  1. Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation);
  2. Chair, Academic Board;
  3. University Academic Director, The Hotel School Partnership;
  4. One Executive Dean (or nominee) (appointed by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation) for a one year term from the date of their first meeting);
  5. Chief International Officer, (or nominee);
  6. Director, Business Intelligence and Quality (or nominee); and
  7. Dean, SCU College (or nominee).

(5) The Board may co-opt such other persons to its membership as it determines from time to time, or as relevant to matters pertaining to the University’s educational partnership.